A short play

Mutual Friend (calling you over): Reader, hey. This is Laura. Laura, this is Reader.

(You and I shake hands. I'm old-fashioned that way.)

Mutual Friend: Reader, Laura here is the one I was telling you about. She was a theatre major, and she loves to write and cook. She worked for a bunch of restaurants over the years, then in customer service and marketing. Eventually she got married and started a family, working for herself as a teacher and caterer and freelance writer.

(You note that this is slightly unconventional. I nod.)

Mutual Friend (laughing): Yeah, but it works for for her.

(You decide to continue on with the conversation. What could it hurt?)

Mutual Friend: Laura, Reader is planning on throwing a party and wants to make it great, but money's tight. Also, Reader doesn't do a lot of a big shindigs and the idea of all those people is a little intimidating. Do you think you could help out with some tips, tricks, recipes, planning ideas, things like that?

(I nod again, and I smile, 
and you understand the nod to mean, 
"Of course, of course. How may I help you?")