Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dinner for Ten Menu #1

One of my favorite casual meals over the past year follows. I'll lay out the timeline in my next post, but be assured it came together easily and satisfied the meat-and-potato types as well as the food nerds.

A special shout out to the New York Strip. I do not like you as a steak, friend, but roasted and thinly sliced, you are as delicious as you are a bargain ($2.99 a pound on sale).

(double the recipe)

2.5 pounds fresh green beans 
(rinsed, trimmed, and lightly steamed)

Your favorite bread
 (I used my bread machine, and a great recipe from

Your favorite green salad 
(use 16-20 oz. of greens to serve 10 guests)

Chocolate Torte

Posted at Eat at Home, November 17th

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